INTERVENTIONS Controls & Automation

Improve planning and operational efficiency for all Intervention and Completion jobs, with a fully integrated, cloud-based software suite and premium operator control stations.


Wireline Controls & Automation

User Interface

Forget traditional console with gauges and hydraulic levers. Step into the 21st century and take advantage of the highly graphical user interface.


XOS DTS Operations

XOS DTS is a depth, speed and tension monitoring system for wireline operations. It replaces and extends the functions of traditional mechanical indicators / meters.

The system is easily set up, with many functions helping the wireline operator through critical operations. Includes automatic winch shutdown on user defined actions, for instance to avoid cable break on overpull.

A new level of control and monitoring

Our XOS Operator Stations brings a completely new level of control and monitoring capabilities. With a highly graphical user interface, based on touch screens and advanced control system technology, the XOS simplify operations, display critical information in innovative formats, and implement control functions not possible with conventional user interfaces.

IDEX Integration

Being part of the XOS product family means that the XOS DTS is prepared for connection to the IDEX system. With the IDEX system multiple wireline units can become part of a company-wide real time support and job planning system. IDEX opens for a multitude of option, including downhole tool interface, advanced job modelling / simulation, advanced analytics and much more.

Propell is uniquely positioned to help your business transition to the future through partnerships such as Stimline.

We work closely with Stimline to integrate their IDEX software suite, to drive your Drilling, Completion & Intervention operations towards a digital and automated future


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