The Propell Electric Chemical Module provides an efficiently packaged layout with enhanced performance and control.


Propell Electric Chemical Skid

Optimized Layout

The E-Chem unit is separated into two sections: electrical and chemical zones. Keeping chemicals away from electrical and control components through spill containment.


Spill Containment

Removable stainless-steel drip trays under the entire chemical zone, and elevated walk surfaces with anti-slip flooring provide a safe operating space with simple cleanup.


Safe Environment

An electric HVAC system and  automatic temperature control provide a comfortable work environment, while a variable speed exhaust fan (1400cfm) is capable providing up to 1 air change per minute.


Power Filtration

3 Phase 480VAC UPS provides power conditioning to provide smooth, reliable power to components. It also provides an estimated 20min of run-time in the event of a power outage, allowing pumping to continue while power is being restored or cleanup of the chemical system.

High Performance in a Compact Package

We’ve taken a new approach to the chemical van with with a compactly engineered package that provides high performance through electric power.

A simplified component layout provide ease of maintenance and a small footprint for easy transport.

  • Weather rating: -40 to +40
  • Flow Rate: 3.25l/min – 90l/min
  • Pressure Range: 174psi – 225psi
  • Skidded or trailerized
  • Optional UPS
  • Operator lab / testing area
  • Any quantity of totes
  • Maintenance gantry crane
Propell Electric Chemical Unit

Take Control

A standalone control system that introduces automation to ensure accuracy and minimal operator responsibility. With the ability to integrate with customer-specific applications, and operated independently or remotely from the data van.


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