Idle Reduction Technology

GreenStart provides idle time reduction through intelligent monitoring software, ensuring your frac is always ready to work.

Propell Engine Idle Reduction Technology

Featuring an agnostic design with the ability to be mounted on any existing engine and starter as an independent or a fully integrated system.


Giving you the freedom to operate via remote or local controls, with a Propell independent PLC or customer integrated option. Automated start/stop controls with manual override.

Pre-Lube System

Pre-lube system included to OEM recommended specifications; reducing engine wear, cranking resistance, and crank to ignition time. Cold start system capable for -40°C / -40°F.


Making your environmental impact and profitability greener

Propell’s GreenStart system allows for reduced idle time by intelligently shutting off the engine when not in use. A self-contained starter system provides the onboard energy to restart the engine at any time, while an on-board monitoring software intelligently determines when to restart, ensuring your frac is always ready to work.

  • Minimized Engine Idle Time

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Reduced Assets on Site


Fuel Consumption Reduction

*During Idle

*Based on customer data

CO2e Emissions Reduction (tonnes)

*Per frac engine

*Based on customer data

Certified Installations Completed

Seamless Integration

Our unique controls and monitoring software are configurable to customer-specific applications, compatible with any engine, and integrate with most appropriately sized starters.

  • Requested and Current Engine Speeds

  • Transmission condition (Park/Brake setting)

  • Battery Voltage

  • Coolant Temperature

  • Transmission Temperature

  • Starter Oil Temperature

  • Accumulator Charge Pressure

  • Prelube condition

  • Customer-specific applications available

  • Power End Lube Temperature

  • Hydraulics Temperature

    • ​​Hydraulic or electric system

    • Configurable onboard monitoring points (hydraulic temp, power end lube temp)

    • Multiple battery storage options

    • Pre-heat support systems 

    • PLC program parameters

    Propell Factory Controls

    • Propell independent PLC and monitoring software with intelligent start/stop control

    • Custom monitoring set-points

    • Compatible with any engine

    • Compatible with any starter

    Integrated Customer Application

    • Control system integrated into customer PLC

    • Custom monitoring set-points

    • Compatible with any engine

    • Compatible with any starter