Tractorless Operations

FracStand eliminates the need for a tractor during operation of your trailerized equipment through heavy-duty, vibration dampening landing legs.

Propell FracStand Tractorless Operations
Vibration Dampening

The gooseneck Support Leg preloads the gooseneck to reduce amplitude of vibration, while the Landing Legs are equipped with heavy-duty dampening pads.


Adjustable length on both the Gooseneck Support and Landing Legs gives you the versatility needed for almost any trailer.

Rapid Setup

Quick and intuitive setup and takedown using a clip-in system on the pickup nose.


Take a Stand Against Depreciating Assets

When combined with GreenStart, FracStand greatly reduces the number of owned assets required to be on site. Giving you the freedom to coordinate your setup logistics through a third party, or re-deploy tractors for other functions.

  • Tractor Capital Cost Avoidance

  • Reduced Fuel Costs

  • Reduced Maintenance, Repair & Insurance Costs

  • Reduced Dependency on Operators with Class 1

Fully Engineered Solution

The FracStand system is fully engineered and tested to meet the needs for most trailerized equipment, including high horsepower Frac Pumps.

Stabilizing Landing Legs​

  • Strengthened inside and outside wall of landing legs for improved vertical and horizontal load rating

  • Added shear pin to remove load from rod threads

  • Added vibration dampening and grip to bottom feet

  • Added horizontal stabilization bracketry between landing legs

Gooseneck Support Leg

  • 110lbs

  • Mounted to pickup nose

  • Added vibration dampening and grip to bottom feet

  • Storage options for Gooseneck Support Leg