The Propell Electric Blender brings together electrification and conveying technology to maximize your blending performance and reliability.


Propell Electric Frac Blender

Simplified Design

A carefully engineered chassis and simplified component layout provide easy maintenance and increased operational safety.

  • Less fluid circuits.

  • Better access for service.

  • Propell standard safety guards.

  • Ability to fill the dry add hoppers from ground, eliminating the need to lift chem bags to an operators platform.



The intuitive HMI is easy to learn, and the “future-ready” controls and hardware pave the way for remote & autonomous operation. A proprietary Blender Control Module (BCM) allows customers to easily integrate the onboard controls with their own platform.

  • Integrate with customer-specific applications.

  • Operated from unit or remotely from data van.

  • Integrated 480V AC or DC power supply for other back-end equipment such as the datavan and chem unit.


Conveying Technology

The i-Vector Conveyor replaces traditional augers on a blender, removing one of the biggest NPT contributors on a frac site.

  • Freedom to position to suit sand delivery
  • Dust containment
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduced maintenance intervals


Electrically Driven

Electric motors provide unmatched efficiency, performance reliability and ease of maintenance.

  • Precise control of fluid flow, sand flow and dry-add integration.

Optimal Fluid Dynamics

A disciplined design and engineering process, including multiple rounds of CFD with a third-party expert in fluid dynamics, resulted in a new innovative tub design and highly evolved blending process. The high-capacity mixing tub is designed to work seamlessly with the i-Vector conveyor, achieving high sand concentration levels while keeping sand suspended within the fluid.

  • Transport Length: 564” (47′)
  • Width: 102” (8’-6”)
  • Working Mode Height: 162” (13’-6”)
  • Weight: 58,000 lbs (Est)

    Configurations up to

    270 BPM

    Conveyor capable of

    20,000 lbs / min

    Tub Volume, Max Capacity

    • FracStand tractorless operation
    • Chem add controls integration
    • Multi chem injection configurations
    • Slipstream
    • Ambidextrous
    • Power distribution center – feeds power to other e-backside equipment
      Propell Electric Blender

      Reduce Your NPT

      Traditional blender augers are one of the biggest frac site NPT contributors. The Propell E-Blender brings together electrification and conveying technology to reduced maintenance intervals and minimize your NPT.


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