IHX130 Injector Head

The IHX130 Injector Head focuses on addressing the key limitations and operational challenges of existing injectors - minimizing coil fatigue, operator errors while providing increased performance.


Propell Injector Head

Reduced Maintenance

Reduced maintenance costs with long life heavy-duty chain, through-pin block design and heavy-duty chain rollers greased


Minimized Coil Fatigue

Minimized coil fatigue with patented floating tubing traction system, integrated tubing suspension system in skate blocks and optimized one-piece skate shape for optimal load distribution.


Control & Automation

Designed for automation. Traction forces and chain tension are automatically adjusted by the optional control system which can also detect slip and provide active run-away avoidance.

Increased performance and reduced coil wear

The IHX130 Injector Head is a completely new design focused on addressing the key limitations and operational challenges of existing injectors. Starting from a clean sheet, we have evaluated where improvements can be made to create an injector head that minimizes coil fatigue, reduces chances of operator errors and gives increased performance.

  • Developed for large size, high grade heavy wall tubing conveyed in challenging and deep wells

  • High motor capacity can get you in and out of the well more quickly

  • Floating tubing traction system with optimized rotation center improves weight reading and reduces pipe wear through traction zone

  • Heavy-duty chains, through-pin connect-to-skate block design and heavy-duty chain rollers greased for life gives you more feet between maintenance intervals

  • Reversible one-plate skate design, with optimized shape for reduced loads on tubing and rollers

  • Integrated tubing suspension system in skate blocks reduce pipe wear and improves friction

  • Optional automation kits turn the IHX130 into an intelligent injector, always operating with the optimized parameters, reacting to changing conditions in milliseconds

IHX130 Injector Head

Controls & Automation

Improve planning and operational efficiency for all Intervention and Completion jobs, with a fully integrated, cloud-based software suite and premium operator control stations.


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