Tier 4

Frac Tier 4 Final Retrofits

Keep your existing Frac Pumps relevant with the most efficient and current engine upgrades available.

Propell Frac Tier 4 Retrofits
Certified Installations

Our in-house experts ensure your retrofits are completed to meet the highest quality standards and all regulations.

  • CSA approved and compliant
  • Transport canada and DOT compliant
Tested & Proven

With world-class test stands in both Canada and the US, we ensure every Frac Pump leaves our facilties tested and ready to operate.


Displace up to 85% of your diesel with cleaner-burning natural gas through Propell’s proven Bi-Fuel installations.


Meet your Sustainability Goals

Tier 4 retrofits allow you to maintain capital discipline while lowering your carbon footprint, through emissions reduction technologies on equipment you already own.