Frac ICS

Integrated Control Stand

A cleanly integrated control solution that gives you customizability, while putting together your components in one cohesive package

Propell Frac Pump Controls Stand
Centralized Controls

Placing all your primary control elements in one, easy-to-access location (ground, disconnect, rectifier, control panel, battery storage.

Clean Design

Where form meets function with organized cable routing, designated mounting locations and trays.


An ICS can easily be integrated into frac pump retrofits with Propell’s rail-mount technology.

Centralized and Simplified Controls

The Frac Pump Experts

We have taken a wholistic approach to the Frac Pump and it’s controls. Engineered from the ground up, a Propell Frac Pump platform is designed to give you the dependability and longevity to get the job done.

  • GreenStart
  • Customer driven control panel
  • Bi-Fuel
  • Battery box
  • Transmission Control Module (TCM)