Retrofits, Upgrades & Service

Keep your existing fleets operational and relevant
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Bi-Fuel Installations

Displace up to 85% of your diesel with cleaner-burning natural gas through Propell’s proven Bi-Fuel installations.


Major Swings

We maintain strong relationships with all OEMs to provide certified and timely major swings.

Maintenance & Service Programs

Scheduled maintenance programs to keep your fleet operating at maximum efficiency.

Strategic Refurbs

Engineering-driven equipment refurbishment ensuring weight balance requirements, longevity, certification, compliance, and API specs

ESG Related Upgrades

Keep your legacy assets relevant for today’s operations through emissions-related upgrades.

Strategic retrofits, upgrades, and service have never been more important in the energy industry. We understand the importance of keeping your existing assets relevant for the operations of today, while unlocking the potential to meet the ESG, performance, and sustainability goals of tomorrow.

We come alongside customer to bridge that gap through equipment service, ESG-related upgrades, enhanced software, and automation.

Extend the life of your existing assets

Bi-Fuel Tier 4 Retrofits

Keep your existing Frac Pumps relevant with the most efficient and current engine upgrades available.