The Propell Intelligent Vector takes one of the biggest frac site NPT contributors out of the equation, replacing conventional augers with conveying technology.


Propell Frac Blender i-Vector

Augerless Blending

The i-Vector Conveyor replaces traditional augers on a blender, removing one of the biggest NPT contributors on a frac site, allowing other failure-prone hydraulics and auger systems to be removed.

  • Freedom to position to suit sand delivery
  • Dust containment
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduced maintenance intervals



The i-Vector is designed to integrate with most sand delivery systems.

  • Can be located perpendicular to the blending unit allowing for flexibility of site layout.

  • The hopper allows for integration of most existing sand units, including Sandstorm.

  • Controls designed to communicate with most blenders to allow for retro-fit integration.


Control System

Featuring an independent control system that integrates seamlessly with your blender and most proppant delivery systems.

  • Weigh on the fly

  • On-the-fly adjustments control of sand flow via a metering gate.

  • Accurate and consistent sand rate measurement allowing removal of nuclear densometer

  • Discharge height: 9’ 6”
  • Conveying rate: 20,000 lbs/min
  • Hopper capacity: Min 38 cu.ft capacity
  • Hopper height: 72IN to top of Hopper
  • Power: Battery powered raising and lowering for easier set-up
  • Removable hopper
  • Customized integration to customer controls
  • Integration with closed tub blenders
Propell Frac Blender i-Vector

Freedom to Position

As a standalone unit, the i-Vector can be placed at just about any angle, giving you more layout flexibility on site.


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