The Propell Double Pump combines the latest pumping technologies to provide a high-horsepower package that is both reliable and serviceable.

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The latest pumping features combined with our industry-proven Frac Pump technology to give you the highest quality, most serviceable and most reliable Double Pump in the market.


High Fuel Capacity

(4) 220 gallon fuel tanks provide 880 gallons of on board fuel capacity to maximize operational efficiency.

Cube Radiator

A single cube radiator package cools the engines, fuel, gearboxes and hydraulics.

Cube radiators contain less moving parts, make less noise, and direct all hot air upwards rather than over the engine; providing increased cooling performance, easy serviceability, and a reduced service cost over the lifespan of the radiator.

Purposefully Engineered Chassis

A purpose designed and built chassis provides ideal weight distribution in a package that eliminates the need for a booster or jeep in the US.

All components such as electrical lines, hydraulic lines, and hoses are carefully and neatly mounted along the inside chassis rails to give operators clear space to perform maintenance.



Operational components such as handles, tools and loose iron are positioned in the right places and at the right heights to minimize risk of strains and injuries to operators.

Confidence at Heights

Industry-leading slide-out storage racks, stairs and integrated walkways provide unmatched access and egress for extremely safe operation and maintenance.


Moving parts are securely guarded, including our proven, proprietary drive shaft guard which is engineered to contain the drive shaft in the event of a failure.

Propell Frac Double Pump


Keep On Pumping

We work carefully, from the ground up, with all of the major OEMs to deliver an pumping platform that is purposefully created for its application. The Propell Double Pump has been completely engineered, to allow standardized parts replacement and easy serviceability. It’s this level of detail that minimizes your downtime and maximizes your pumping time.


We work with all major OEM’s to build to customer-spec

Trailer Chassis

  • CMVSS & FMCSA certified


  • GHT Cube Radiator


  • Twin Cummins QST30 1500 HP
  • Tier 4 Final


  • (2) CAT TH48 E70

Displacement Tanks

  • (2) 11 Barrel

Centrifugal Pumps

  • 5×6 Gardner Denver

Fuel Tank

  • (4)220 Gallons

Well Service Pumps

  • MSI QI-1300
  • 4:61:1 gearbox ratio
  • 3” plungers
  • 1300 HP
  • 6” stroke
  • 413 GPM @ 4800 PSI Max flow Rate
  • 15,000 PSI Max pressure
Propell Frac Double Pump
Length: 53′   Width: 10′ 6″

Weight: *116,000 lbs

*Weight may vary by customer specification

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