Our experience in mobile equipment solutions, combined with our design and engineering capabilities, set us apart in the Coiled Tubing market.

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Engineered Excellence

Every Propell Coiled Tubing Unit is customized to perfectly suit the application it is intended for.

Every Propell Coiled Tubing Unit is customized to perfectly suit the application it is intended for, the environment it must work in, and the business strategy of our customers. We ensure the quality and longevity of Propell products through continued partnerships with our customers and ongoing after-sales support from our dedicated Customer Care team.


Tough Trailer

Every trailer is overbuilt to be able to resist maximum payload with little strain. Dual 5th wheel hook up to support oversized reels.

Extra Wide Reel

Exceeding industry standards with a reel that will hold 7,320 meters of 2 inch tubing.

Custom Cabins

Fully customizable cabin design features ultra-lightweight options along with cold/hot weather packages.Lightweight modular design for increased customer options.

Improved Injector

Boasting 120K of intermittent pulling at maximum speed of 67 meters a minutes the 3 stage planetary reduction boxes allow smooth operation at any needed speeds.

Coiled Tubing Unit


Standard safety features such as added climbing supports and railed walkways throughout the unit helps lower your risk of incident to protect workers. Platforms are all made from standard high grip fibergrate to prevent unnecessary falls.

Keeping Operators Safe

Every Propell product is designed with the operator in mind.

From guards, safety rails, ergonomic access and egress to the most up-to-date environmental regulations and emissions, all Propell equipment solutions prioritize the end user's safety.

Propell Employee

Extra Wide Reel

166″ diameter x 96″ core x 117″ flange. Holds up to 24,000 ft of 2-3/8″ tubing

Propell Coiled Tubing Unit

Improved Injector

Continuous Pulling

Intermittent Pulling

Maximum Speed

Continuous Snubbing
L: 1200 in. W: 143 in. H: 178 in.

M: 124,000 lb.

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