A high-performance blending package with maximum operational efficiencies and built to last with engineered quality from Propell.
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Operational Efficiency

The Propell Blender Unit not only offers the latest technology in accuracy and control, but promotes safety and enhances serviceability.


Cube Radiator

A single cube radiator package cools the engines, fuel, gearboxes and hydraulics.

Cube radiators contain less moving parts, make less noise, and direct all hot air upwards rather than over the engine; providing increased cooling performance, easy serviceability, and a reduced service cost over the lifespan of the radiator.

Discharge Pump

The discharge pump is mounted on the road-side for serviceability and modular component and piping mounts accommodate a wide variety of pump types.

Accurate Control

The latest technology in the Propell control system provides the most accurate sand delivery through calibrated augers, tub overflow protection, auto-rate control and smart monitoring for preventative maintenance on the radiator, pumps and piping.


Fire Prevention Shield

Mounted between the hydraulic tank and pumps is a fire-prevention shield. This added feature prevents hydraulic fluid from spraying on the engine, turbo and exhaust.


Moving parts are securely guarded, including our proven, proprietary drive shaft guard which is engineered to contain the drive shaft in the event of a failure.

Confidence at Heights

All components on the Propell Blender are mounted at deck height or provide access via safe platforms and rails.


A carefully engineered chassis and component placement ensure all major service items are placed for ease-of-access and hide hot surfaces.


Standardized Parts

Through the development process in design and engineering, Propell offers standardized parts, carefully engineered components, detailed technical documentation and a well-stocked warehouse to keep you up and running.


We work with all major OEM’s to build to customer-spec
Trailer Chassis

  • CMVSS & FMCSA certified


  • Twin CAT 800 hp C-18
  • No DEF required


  • GHT Cube Radioator

Fuel Tank

  • Twin 150 gallon

  • Namco
  • Hydraulic clutch

Suction Manifold

  • Split manifold design
  • Internally welded
  • (2) 8” ports
  • (12) 4” ports

Discharge Manifold

  • Split manifold design
  • Internally welded
  • (12) 4” ports
Suction Pump

  • Gorman Rupp 612L20-B-B Option
  • 15” ground clearance

Discharge Pump

  • Customer Specified
  • Stock: 14x12, 120bpm


  • 10” sch80 discharge piping
  • Magnetic flow meters on both sides
  • Optional turbine flow meters

  • Danfoss

Blending Tub

  • 11 Barrel capacity


  • (3) 12” full-pitch augers
  • 11,000 lbs/min each

Chemical System

  • 8 Waukesha Chemical pumps
Length: 48′ 6″   Width: 8′ 6″   Height: 13′ 6″

Weight: *80,000 lbs

*Weight may vary by customer specification

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