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Propell refurb transforms worn-out oilfield equipment to the highest standard of safety and performance.
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Strategic Refurb

We focus on being a strategic partner in fleet standardization and longevity to add tangible value to customer operations.

Propell outperforms conventional remanufacturing practices by transforming existing assets to meet or exceed their original equipment specifications. The comprehensive refurb process prepares pressure pumps for an extended operational life, with the latest features in safety, operations, and technology.

We complete a comprehensive inspection of your pieces of equipment current condition, do baseline testing, and create a refurb plan suited to your needs.
Our team begins disassembly and completion of the scheduled plan, with all components rebuilt to OEM specifications. Propell works with all OEM’s to send major components out-of-house to be rebuilt at the original manufacturer.
The complete unit is tested and validated, with full documentation, to ensure all components are performing as required.
Both new and renewed components carry warranty, and you can rely on the Propell team for parts and service needs through lifetime customer care.
Propell Frac Refurb Chassis

Process-Driven Refurb

frac refurb facility

The Propell process is a comprehensive, integrated system that takes traditional remanufacturing and makes it consistent, repeatable, documented, and standardized. Refurbed products meet or exceeds the specifications of the original unit – both in performance and appearance.

Quality and Support

Propell backs all refurbed equipment with the same commitment of guaranteed reliability as a new product. Both new and remanufactured components carry an after sales support. All workmanship is tested and documented for future parts and service needs through lifetime customer care. Our COR Certification keeps all employees safety to the highest possible standards.

Dedicated Facility

The design of Propell’s 50,000 sq. ft. remanufacturing facility is a commitment to preventing environmental and physical hazards. It features underground fluid recovery systems, as well as contained disassembly and wash bays in order to guarantee the containment of contaminants. With locations in British Columbia, Calgary, and Texas.


  • Paint & sandblasting booths
  • Assembly & disassembly bays
  • Environmentally safe fluid recovery system

Test Stand

Propell’s dual-station covered test stand is the most advanced test stand in North America. Designed with the best in safety features, visibility, noise levels, and data collection, it provides the best overall work environment and experience in the industry.

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