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Equipment Innovation

The Right Assets to Allow our Customers to Operate Profitably >

Propell is an industrial product creation company with engineered solutions, and innovative equipment platforms. We innovate based on customers’ needs – creating measurable advantages with new or drastically better solutions. The result is not simply a product, but an improvement in our customers’ entire process and value stream from beginning to end. While innovative, our products are not over-designed– they are simply the right assets to reduce labour and increase profits.

Our dedicated New Product Development division prototypes and tests new equipment to develop the best equipment technology in the oil and gas industry. We have the resource team to innovate from the ground up – the advantages in performance and safety  which our pressure pumpers and SandStorm system have introduced are perfect examples. Our equipment has a rapid return on investment – customers estimate that the SandStorm system pays for itself in less than one year.


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Equipment Innovation

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