Our twin pump provides ideal weight distribution in a road legal package.



Widest Pumping Range

Propell’s twin pump purposefully designed gearing allows for an industry first pumping range of 50 – 1500L/Min, making this the best choice for any application.

Operator Comfort

Take total control with a state-of-the-art control system, featuring touchscreen control, live, electronic process piping diagrams, captain’s chairs, climate control, and optimized viewing angles.

Engine and Radiator of a Propell Frac Pump

Redundancy Plus

The Twin Pump provides full and complete operational redundancy to improve maintenance intervals or if required in the event of a failure on one side. However, we’ve taken this one step further by designing the two systems so that they can work together at the same time, and specifically during situations whereby the pumping requirements exceed the operational limitations of only one side. This capability provides enhanced performance while protecting key components.

Optimized Two Speed Gearbox

The combination of Propell’s proprietary gear box, coupled with the selected engine and transmission, along with industry-leading controls, deliver the optimum pumping range of 50 to 1500 liters per minute.

A Twin Pump Engineered from Experience

The Twin Pump provides ideal weight distribution in a road legal package. The ease of maintenance, flexibility of operation, and proven performance provide customers the best twin pumping technology in the industry.

Safety Features of a Propell Frac Pump


Clear View Operators’ Cab

The composite cab saves on weight but most importantly this design provides operators with a clear view of the work site, integrated heads up displays and a safe, comfortable environment to perform their duties.


Operational components such as handles, tools and loose iron are positioned in the right places and at the right heights to minimize risk of strains and injuries to operators.



Without moving any hoses, an operator can manipulate chemical injection to multiple locations of the process piping by simply rotating a valve.

Confidence at Heights

Industry-leading slide-out storage racks, stairs and integrated walkways provide unmatched access and egress for extremely safe operation and maintenance.


Moving parts are securely guarded, including our proven, proprietary drive shaft guard which is engineered to contain the drive shaft in the event of a failure.





L: 42 in. W: 102 in. H: 162 in.

M: 103,000 lb.


By understanding our customers and their operations, Propell successfully transformed high HP pressure pumping technology, chemical management and proppant handling for hydraulic fracturing. Now we are proud to offer the Gemini Twin Pumper, designed to help improve completions work by providing improvements in safety, performance, storage, control, ease of use, and maintenance.

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