Propell Innovates, Despite the Downturn

//Propell Innovates, Despite the Downturn

The oil and gas industry in North America has slowed significantly in the last year, yet Propell Oilfield Equipment is boldly moving forward and planning for the future. Propell has continued to invest in developing new products, many of which are on display at the Global Petroleum Show from June 9-11 in Calgary, Alberta. These innovative pieces of equipment are hard to miss—not only due to their sheer size, but also the fact they are changing approaches to hydraulic fracturing.

Towering above Stampede Park is Propell’s industry-altering SandStorm system, a proppant storage and delivery system that is improving safety and efficiency in well stimulation operations. This system introduces dust-control technology in an industry where dust creation is a major concern to workers and the surrounding communities. Ongoing inhalation of silica dust increases the risk of silicosis, an occupational lung disease caused by ongoing inhalation of silica dust. Until SandStorm, the dust problem was loosely rectified with tents and filters surrounding leaking and billowing conveyors. In the past three years, top well service companies in the energy industry began employing SandStorm on numerous sites in North America to begin solving the dust problem right at the conveyor level—drastically reducing dust generation in the first place.

The latest addition to the Sandstorm system is the prototype of Propell’s Integrated Proppant Loader. This striking mobile loading conveyor is remotely controlled by one operator to load sand storage bins on fracturing sites, replacing several separate conveyors and multiple workers. It loads sand faster than any competitive product and more importantly, it controls dust for the safety of workers.

At the GPS, Propell will also be introducing a unique pressure pump configuration developed in partnership with Finning CAT that is powered by a CAT engine, transmission and pump. In addition, Propell is introducing their prototype model of a new Twin Pumping Unit called Gemini, which is designed to support coil-tube operations.

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