Keeping the Sand Flowing and the Frac Going

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When a critical piece of our equipment was damaged while on a worksite this October, there was a risk that  the entire frac might need to shut down. Propell’s ViperBelt had a bent boom, and could no longer retract to deliver sand to multiple GravityBoxes.

On a job with three wells and over 7 stages every 24 hours, being unable to load, store, and deliver sand would mean a significant loss of time and money.

Propell’s Customer Care team was on site and assessed the situation: The ViperBelt was still capable of feeding sand at over 7000 lbs per minute and was already aligned with a GravityBox. Thanks to the ruggedness of Propell equipment, the ViperBelt’s conveyors were functional, but the bent boom had to remain stationary. The solution? Create a continuous stream of sand by unloading material from delivery trucks into a single GravityBox and drawing it out at the same time. This process of “hot loading” minimized lost time.

The frac continued to operate smoothly for five days using this hot loading method, while Propell quickly brought in a replacement ViperBelt so the original conveyor could be fully repaired.

Despite a major challenge, our team worked with the operators on site to keep the frac going and the sand flowing. Stories like this one make us proud to work closely with our customers and ensure they are successful on the job.

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